Dataclip constantly crawls and indexes millions of websites and DNS records to determine the technologies and web tools that are being used by companies on their sites. We keep a census of all of the various technologies being run on small and large business websites, blogs, and ecommerce sites. We monitor over 1,000 products.

Using the information that we collect, we sell our research to sales and marketing teams at technology companies, product managers, industry analysts and hedge fund managers. Dataclip clients are typically interested in marketing to their competitor's customers or gaining competitive intelligence. Read more about the various ways you can use Dataclip data for your benefit.

Recent Blog Posts

Hundreds of SimpleCDN Customers Need a New CDN

Hundreds of simpleCDN customers need a new CDN as simpleCDN has experienced technical problems. Dataclip has a simpleCDN customer list available for other CDN companies.

The Emerging "Cloud Data" business model

How "Data as a Service" is emerging and how Dataclip fits into this model

Google Apps developers are upping app sales through Dataclip

Explanation of how Google Apps developers and resellers can use the data provided by Dataclip to identify Google Apps customers to prospect


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